At TFW Rhode Island we consider everyone to be on a unique journey towards their own unique goals. We want to help you determine those goals and guide you on your fitness journey. Here, you'll find real people with genuinely unique stories that experienced amazing results being apart of the TFW RI team. No gimmicks, no edited images, and no lies. These are all members and familia at TFW Rhode Island and we're proud of each and every one of them! 

We hope the personal stories below convey the message that we love to spread; All people have their own struggles to overcome. All people are warriors within their own stories. As long as you have the drive and dedication to better yourself you can overcome your personal challenges too! The warrior spirit lives within us all and we love to see our members recognize that within themselves. 


A True Warrior

B-A Jon.jpg

When Jon was just 14 years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes with his glucose levels off the charts. He was hospitalized for 2 months to get his levels back to normal. Shortly after that, he was feeling fatigued all the time and he knew something was wrong.

Jon was diagnosed with leukemia and wasn't given much of a chance to live; let alone living a normal childhood. He was taken out of school and continued his education at home and in the hospital because the chemotherapy treatments he had to endure. His body had bad reactions with every treatment, so it was back and forth between home and the hospital. He lost a lot of weight and felt himself dwindling away.

While the “typical” kids would play football and various other games, Jon was always told it was too dangerous with his condition. All he wanted was to be able to play football with his friends. The other kids didn't understand why Jon wasn't in school like the rest of them, so bullying was a normal thing for the young boy.

By the age of 16, after 2 years of treatment and fighting with everything he had, Jon was cancer free! He knew that he had been given a second chance and he was excited to get back to school and start to live a normal life again.

Having to eat a specific diet and having no appetite most of the time when he was sick caused Jon to now turn to food to ease his anxiety. Jon ate everything that he couldn't have before, in excess, and soon enough his massive weight gain began. His "friends" were also not so understanding as to why he was gone from school for so long and had gained so much weight. Jon was now terrorized daily by his classmates.

When I first spoke with Jon he wanted to shed weight, add strength, and build athletic ability. This way he could have what he never had growing up. My first meeting with Jon was amazing! He had this awesome energy about himself that was underneath the battle scars. I knew that he was something special and that Training for Warriors was the perfect fit!

Joining TFW RI Jon really excelled with the team behind him. He began to shed fat, build muscle, and with every passing day his hilarious personality began to surface! He lost over 115 lbs in 10 months and was given the news by his doctor that he was no longer a diabetic! Plus, he gained a new found athleticism, warrior spirit and all of the bullying vanished as well!

Jon is the definition of a fighter! All the hard work, dedication, and his "never give up attitude" has led him to beat two major diseases, obesity, and never did he lose hope along the way. I am so proud to call him my student and friend. He is still on his journey and continues to get stronger and faster every day! No words can describe the level of heart that he has, and I love this man for all that he is....A TRUE WARRIOR!

The Family Man


When Jay first joined TFW, he was sick of feeling limited in what he could do in his daily life and wanted to have more energy for his two kids. He's an upbeat guy but felt tired all the time and knew he had to make a change.

Jay started his journey with the TFW 8 Week Transformation Challenge, where he lost 41 lbs and gained 7lbs of muscle! He also lost over 20 inches of fat overall!

Jay then enrolled into the full Training for Warriors Program and in only 6 months into his warrior’s journey, he has lost an amazing 100lbs and gained 11lbs of lean muscle! Jay is the first guy to help out a teammate and now he's one of the fastest and strongest warriors in the dojo! We are so proud of his dedication and perseverance to become more!

Going up the stairs used to be a problem. Now he has entered a 5K obstacle course filled with athletes and taking 5th place only 6 months later. Most importunately, he now has all the energy to play with his children and be the role model he always wanted to be. Jay is truly an inspiration and proof that there is hope for anyone willing to take ACTION with the TFW team behind you!

Finding Happiness

Krystal B and A.jpg

Managing the finances of large company suppliers from around the world can be a stressful job and Krystal was burnt out. She was eating what she thought was healthy and even though she always had a gym membership, she felt like it wasn’t her “thing.” Krystal’s energy level was low, was gaining weight, barely making it through the days at work, and her confidence was really starting to suffer.

Krystal had heard about Training for Warriors from her cousin Becky, who had already made an amazing transformation. As a self-professed “introvert” she said group classes really didn’t interest her, but still decided to give it a shot.

She immediately loved the workouts, the energy from the team, and the encouragement and knowledge from the TFW coaches. After 5 1/2 months Krystal has lost 31lbs of fat and gained 7lbs of lean muscle! Her confidence now radiates in her every move, her energy in our sessions is contagious, and Krystal says she has found her “true happiness.” We are so proud of this unstoppable warrior!

A Passion is Born

B-A Kerri.jpg

At first, it was difficult for her boyfriend to get Kerri to try out Training for Warriors. She had tried "boot camps" and other training on her own, but never got the results she was looking for. Kerri always had a hard time gaining weight and thought working out was a "waste of time." Plus, always being called the "skinny girl" was robbing Kerri of her confidence.

Like most people that are thin, she always heard "you can eat whatever you want” so she did! The problem is, just because you are lean doesn't mean that you’re healthy. In fact, she had the motivation and energy of someone who was overweight because of her poor diet and lack of exercise. Being malnourished comes in all shapes and sizes.

Kerri reluctantly decided to the give TFW a chance but didn't expect much. However, with the TFW coaches and team behind her, after the first session, she knew this was something special.

After a few weeks Kerri was hooked! She gained confidence, muscle, strength, balance, and found athletic ability that she never knew she had. Kerri is an absolute warrior! She embodies the TFW way of life and lives it wherever she goes. She is a role model for new students and is always happy to help. So much so, Kerri became a TFW certified coach and loves the chance to change lives the way the system changed hers.


B-A Evelyn.jpg

Imagine getting divorced after 20 years of marriage, losing your job and the house your 3 kids grew up in. This was all within a couple of months! With all these new stresses, Evelyn turned to food. Through the long divorce and wanting her kids to have the best lives possible, she was sinking into a depression.

Down but not out, Evelyn got another job, house and started to pick up the pieces of her life. Problem was, she had no energy, and knew she needed a lifestyle change.

Evelyn started her journey with the TFW 8 Week Transformation Challenge. She immediately loved the motivation, accountability, the community and the feeling of progress from every session.

After 10 months of training, Evelyn has lost 50lbs of fat and gained 9lbs of lean muscle! She has a fire in her eyes and is up for any challenge. She is fast, strong and athletic! We are so proud of her relentless dedication and commitment to her teammates. She is truly an inspiration!

Building an Athlete


Before Daniel joined Training for Warriors he was an amateur mixed martial arts fighter who had a few of fights under his belt. He was doing bodybuilding workouts he found online in addition to his MMA training, but always felt he had much more athleticism in him. One of his MMA Coaches, Keith Jeffrey used the TFW training for his pro fights, and knew how it could help him and his fighting career.

Immediately Dan loved the system and began to feel stronger, faster and a more complete athlete. He gained 15lbs of lean muscle and dropped 25lbs of pure bodyfat in the next year!

Feeling the power of TFW and seeing how it changes lives, Dan had found the specific career path he was always looking for. He got certified on the highest level and became a Training for Warriors Certified Coach.

For more than a year, it's been Coach Dan's mission to "bring out the warrior within" for all his students. He is passionately driven every day to bring strength, health, vitality, and happiness into all of his students lives.